“Merry Christ-mas”

Christmas! God yearns for intimacy with humanity. He sends His Son who enters and becomes man in our current human condition: where more than one billion children live in extreme poverty, 22,000 die each day due to poverty; where an estimate of 40-50 million babies every year are not allowed to be born, about 125,000 per day; where more than 357 million children live in war and conflict zones, half in “high-intensity “areas. Yet the LIGHT of HOPE continues to burn for humanity. EMMANUEL- “God is with us”. Jesus is born for all of us and gives all of us the love of God, the love gives all His children the same love of God. Let us allow our heart, our soul, and our mind be touched by this fact. “Merry Christ-mas”

Jerry Novotny, OMI

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  1. Posted by Benedicta Sim on December 26, 2018 at 11:38 pm

    Fr. Jerry, Merry Christmas!

    Thank you for your reminding me of the many kinds of marginalized people whom we should concern and help in various ways during When the Christ is born to this world. Personally, I also want to do something but it is not is to get permission from my superior. However, I believe it is possible if provident care of God permits. Now I just pray for the poor people and the special beloved people as like you by God.


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