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“Happy Resurrection Day”

“Happy Resurrection Day” to each and everyone. In the hour of darkness when we are suffering with the pandemic and world problems, it is a good time to reflect on Easter and its meaning for us. Pope Francis asks us to reflect this year on what it means to go to Galilee. He states that Christians need to take to heart the Easter message and Not to Be Afraid, assuring us that in Galilee where the Lord preceded us, Christian expectations will be fulfilled, their tears will be dried and their fears will be replaced by hope.

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Can we be instruments of peace?

Where do we begin? Is it possible to become instruments of peace when hatred and divisions run so deep? The answer is yes and there are small actions we can also take on an individual basis.

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Catholic Women Issue Statement Opposing Use of ‘Abortion-Tainted Vaccines’

Eighty-six Catholic women from 25 countries issued a letter Monday opposing what they called “abortion-tainted” COVID-19 vaccines, and arguing Church statements approving their use rely on “an incomplete assessment of the science of vaccination and immunology.”

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The Ethics of Pain Management

Currently, elderly patients comprise the fastest growing segment of the world’s population. The number of people worldwide 65 years and older was estimated at 506 million as of 2008 and by 2040 will increase to 1.3 billion. As patients age, the incidence and prevalence of certain pain syndromes increase. One example is Japan. Because its population is aging and cancer is the number one cause of death, Japan leads the world in consumption of painkillers.

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On the moral illicitness of the use of vaccines made from cells derived from aborted human fetuses

December 12, 2020
Catholic Teachings

In recent weeks, news agencies and various information sources have reported that, in response to the Covid-19 emergency, some countries have produced vaccines using cell lines from aborted human fetuses. In other countries, such vaccines are being planned.

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The Journey into 2021: The Light

The Journey: HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone.

Light. What a great image to reflect on at the closing of this year and as an introduction for tomorrow, the beginning of a New Year. “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1:35). This Light began on Christmas Day and will carry us throughout this year.

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I leaned down and kissed my son

Dear Friends for Life: Many individuals in today’s society understand the pain felt by mothers after they have aborted their babies. But what about Post-Abortion Syndrome which affects men? As the body count of unborn babies continues to increase, research shows that more and more fathers are desperately crying out in pain as a result of these abortions. Several weeks ago while browsing google on this topic, I ran across the following article: “My ‘Friend’ Assumed I’d Be Pro Abortion for Cleft Babies Like Mine & He’s Dead Wrong”. This, in turn, resulted in writing on abortion and unborn babies with cleft lip. Continue reading

ProLifers as Modern Disciples – The India Experience

As I look out the window this morning, the world seems to have a surreal appearance. The feeling I sense in Japan is a quiet calmness before the storm hits. The effect of the Coronavirus pandemic will eventually touch all of us in some way. Hopefully, the world will come to realize the need “to work together” and “to put God back into society.” Without this, life will only continue to get worse. Continue reading

The Nativity Scene

Every Nativity scene is a “living Gospel,” as Pope Francis says. Looking at the Child in the manger, I try to understand what this means. What is a “living Gospel”? One clear message flowing from the scene is that we must turn and become like children to enter the kingdom of heaven. In Matthew 18:1-8, God’s words tell us that to acknowledge the rights and dignity of children is to acknowledge Him and accept His meaning of life. The message clearly implies every child has a universal inalienable right to equal status, equal rights and equal dignity. To deny this is to deny ourselves. Continue reading

God or Nothing

Dear Friends for Life: In recent months, newspapers, magazines and news reporting have shown worsening trends regard current life issues. The slippery slope is widening and people’s lives are hurting. God is gradually being removed from society, leaving a road of confusion, suffering and hidden guilt in its wake. Continue reading