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Legalized Sacrifice – a 23-month-old boy

Dear Friends for Life:   The Culture of Death takes one giant step forward in Britain. A country noted for its democracy and seemingly strong defense of individual rights has crossed the line of “It is never right to do wrong.”. The Culture of Death has strongly imprinted on the minds of its citizens that one “human right” does not exist in their country – the right to life for the child still in its mother’s womb. From this position, the Culture of Death has spread its wings to envelop the weak, the elderly, the defenseless and the sick. These categories of human beings are no longer valued as an asset to society, rather a hinderance to its growth. Continue reading

Is Despair the only valid response?

Dear Friends for Life:   Millions of people die across the world every year: the media reports the tiniest number, like Brittany Maynard, who put their stories into the public domain claiming they alone are dying with dignity – really? Continue reading

Invisible Trend: Must we always prolong life?

Dear Friends,   Must we always prolong life?  The answer simply put is NO. There may come a time when a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order is appropriate. There may be a time when disconnecting a respirator declining surgery, or discontinuing treatment is medically appropriate thing to do. Continue reading

Invisible Trend: Circumstances Dictate the Quality of Life

Dear Friends,  When it comes to the Culture of Death, the legal field will stop at nothing. Laws are 05being written that treat life as disposable, eg. the unborn, the terminally ill, the elderly. For them, circumstances dictate the quality of life, those who are and are not worthy of life and loving care. Continue reading