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Is God really Silent?

Ukrainian authorities say over 400 hundred children have been killed and many more injured since the start of Russia’s invasion nearly eight months ago. Among the many victims of the deadliest conflict since World War II are these small children for whom life has just begun.

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Is the Devil real? Putin and his Military Gestapo

The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine is deepening as Russian illegal forces intensify their shelling; food, water, heat and medicine are growing increasingly scarce. More than four million refugees, including 1.5 million children, have fled Ukraine and many more are still on the way. Russia’s advance has slowed, but the missiles are fired constantly at residential areas, as blood flows and the civilian dead population continues to increase at an alarming speed. In this article, let me share a story with you. Many years ago, in a small chapel in 1884, Pope Leo XIII was saying Mass and suddenly he heard voices near the altar. He looked around but could not see anyone, yet what he heard filled him with fear. What the Holy Father heard was a conversation between God and the devil.

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Man’s enormous destructive power

Dear Friends for Life:   71 years have passed since the United States dropped the atomic bomb on masses of innocent people, many still at home having breakfast with their families. The first city hit by the atomic bomb was Hiroshima. The time was 8:15am on August 6, 1945. In just a few minutes, the entire city – babies, school children, mothers and grandparents – was completely erased. Radiation was so intense that those who did not die immediately died of exposure poisoning in the weeks, months and years that followed. The intense pain and long suffering must have been horrible since 90% of doctors, nurses and medical facilities were destroyed. Little Boy – the name attached to the first uranium gun-type atomic bomb ever used in a war – is estimated to have killed 90,000 – 146,000 people in Hiroshima. Continue reading

Yeah, wait a minute! These are Children!

child02 copyDear Friends for Life:   What’s wrong with the Syrian Government? Killing their own citizens, including children? Where is the outrage of the international Christian community? The Syrian Air Force allegedly dropped chlorine gas bombs on children in a residential neighborhood. Their bodies gasped for air on hospital stretchers as medics held back tears, and watched as they suffocated to death. Continue reading

Human Faces vs Military Drones

Before this we were all very happy. We lived a very good life. But after these drones attacks a lot of people are victims and have lost members of their family. A lot of them, they have mental illnesses.”  — Ismail Hussain (anonymized name) Continue reading

“collateral damage” vs Military Drones

 9298-drone-strike-032613Dear Friends for Life:   Have you ever considered “The Morality” of Drone Warfare? Is the means justified when innocent human life is at stake? Recently religious leaders have begun to question the morality of drone strikes. For example: the aggressive use of drones in Afghanistan, Pakisan and other countries are killing innocent civilians in a way that is obscene and immoral. Could this be “premeditated murder”? Continue reading

War Is Irrational

war(1)Dear Friends for Life:   “War is irrational; its only plan is to bring destruction: it seeks to grow by destroying,” Pope Francis states. “Greed, intolerance, the lust for power. These motives underlie the decision to go to war… Even today perhaps one can speak of a third war, one fought piecemeal, with crimes, massacres and destruction and these plotters of terrorism, these schemers of conflicts, just like arms dealers, have engraved in their hearts, ‘What does it matter to me?’Continue reading

Irresponsible Leadership

Dear Friends for Life:   Irresponsible leadership is causing physical injuries and casualties to children by bombing and airstrikes on Gaza. UN reports an estimated 370,000 Palestinian children are in need of “psycho-social first aid”. I believe the leaders of both countries should be held accountable to the world for crimes against humanity. Continue reading

“Enough is Enough”


gaza-dec-30-2011-10childDear Friends for Life: “Enough is Enough”. Israel has raised the stakes in the Palestinian conflict with its brutal bombings of Gaza which has killed more than 200 people, mostly women and children, and injured thousands more. The death toll is now spiralling as Israel follows the aerial attacks with a land invasion – sending in 8,000 soldiers. Continue reading

Japan Abandons Peace Constitution

Dear Friends, On July 1, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe informed the country of his Cabinet decision to reinterpret Article Nine of Japan’s Peace Constitution. The official changes will take place in fall when the Parliament comes together. The Peace Constitution has never been touched since 1947 and consequently, the Japanese are recognized throughout the world as “War-Renouncing People”. Article Nine has been a sign of Hope to the world, a sign that Constitutional Peace is possible among major countries. Continue reading