Relentless War on Unborn Babies

wantliveDear Friends for Life:   Throughout the world we are witnessing the Culture of Death penetrating all areas of human life, in particular it’s relentless war on unborn babies. Who is more threatened at the very beginning of life by outside forces than the newly-conceived human embryos? The IVF Industry (only 1 out of 23 survive, the rest discarded, frozen, or experimented on), the Pharmaceutical Industry (a line of contraceptive drugs and devices whose sole purpose is to prevent the embryo from implanting in the womb), the Abortion Industry (to kill the human life which does implant itself in the womb), are all active players in this war. Now the final haven of protection for the unborn child is being attacked – THE DEFINITION OF MARRIAGE.

Marriage, the union of one man and one woman, is the last recourse to which unborn children have for protection. The destruction of this traditional institution will be the beginning of the destruction of society and the world as we know it.

To prevent this confusion, Jesus was asked whether the Jewish people should pay taxes to Caesar while under pagan occupation. Jesue replied we are to render to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s. In 2015, our world leaders, judges, politicans and the Culture of Death movement are demanding that we render everything to Caesar. A number of years ago, Hillary Clinton stated that abortion can be “a sad, even tragic choice.” Now, she asserts that a so-called “right to reproductive health care” is more important than the right to religious freedom. Quote: “Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will, and deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

Unbelieveable, a candidate who had run for the president of the United States of America publicly stating that religious beliefs have to be changed to fit her agenda!!! In other words, for the Culture of Death to triumph, religious beliefs must be destroyed. Here we see Caesar trying not only to regulate our actions, but also our thinking.

John Smeaton, president of SPUC, states that “There is nothing left out there, except the family, based on the marriage between a man and a woman, to pick up the billions of broken babies, the billions of broken lives, and start again.”

unbornbaby25History shows that marriage protects children from their very beginning. To redefine “traditional marriage” by certain self-interest minority groups undermines the only protection of unborn children. Government statistics in Britain show that children conceived outside of marriage are four-to-five times likely to be aborted than those conceived within marriage.

Transgender and same-sex couples are demanding their newly created right “to have children” – a right based on no logic, simply a right of self-gratification. Does this segment of society ever discuss the rights of the child. Why not? Do these minority groups ever write about the rights of the child. Why not?

images-4There’s alot of emotional arguing floating around, but no reasoning centered on natural facts and scientific reseach. The child is a human being; consequently, the child has a RIGHT to a natural father and mother. Which means a right to be raised in faithful, committed marriage. Who are we to deprive them of this right? No man, no woman, no politician, no transgender person, no gay person, no lesbian woman have any authority to take this basic human right away from a child. Period! It’s not even debatable!

The real victims are not the gay or transgender minorities in society, but the real victims are the youngest and most innocent among us. Free love costs, and children pay.

So let us reconsider this war on the unborn. Sex and child-protection have become artificially severed from procreation, the family, our body’s natural (biological) purposes, and children have paid the price.

The focus must return to “what marriage is”. The answer flows from “what a human person is”. The undisputable fact is that each one of us was born from the union of a woman and a man. Thus this fact points in the direction that marriage and children are indelibly linked. In order to draw attention away from this fact, the war on unborn children attempts to change the very nature of a man and a woman by destroying the definition of “traditional marriage”.

On this the Catholic Church teaches: “Men and women bring unique gifts to the shared task of parenting, that is, of fathering and mothering. Only a woman can be a mother. Only a man can be a father. Each contributes in a distinct and unique way to the formation of children, helping them to understand their identity as male or female. Respecting a child’s dignity means affirming his or her need for – and RIGHT to – a mother and a father.

God Bless
Jerry Novotny, OMI

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    Good article! Thank you very much

    Very best regards, Ole, CSsR


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