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Unimaginable Horror: selling aborted baby parts

-1Dear Friends for Life:   Every year, Planned Parenthood receives over $500 million of U.S. taxpayer money to fund abortions. To this, it has recently been revealed that more money is made selling aborted baby parts. That’s right! Planned Parenthood not only terminates the lives of unborn babies but they also sell aborted body parts for additional profit. Continue reading

“Excruciating Pain”

abortion-1Dear Friends for Life:     When was the last time I experienced pain? When was the last time I felt “Excruciating Pain“? These are questions that ran through my mind as I read the article “Medical Expert Confirms Unborn Children Feel Excruciating Pain During Abortions” by Dr. David Prentice of the Charlotte Lozier Institue. Continue reading

Relentless War on Unborn Babies

wantliveDear Friends for Life:   Throughout the world we are witnessing the Culture of Death penetrating all areas of human life, in particular it’s relentless war on unborn babies. Who is more threatened at the very beginning of life by outside forces than the newly-conceived human embryos? The IVF Industry (only 1 out of 23 survive, the rest discarded, frozen, or experimented on), the Pharmaceutical Industry (a line of contraceptive drugs and devices whose sole purpose is to prevent the embryo from implanting in the womb), the Abortion Industry (to kill the human life which does implant itself in the womb), are all active players in this war. Now the final haven of protection for the unborn child is being attacked – THE DEFINITION OF MARRIAGE. Continue reading

The Thorn that Devalues Humanity

prochoice002prochoiceDear Friends for Life:   Why is there such an obsession by governments and institutions to oppress and victimize mothers, fathers, and children through forced abortion, use of contraceptives and involuntary sterilization? What fuels this evil creation labeled: “The abortion industry.” The answer falls into two primary areas: (1) scare tactics: women loosing their freedom to choose, (2) money: suppressing morality. Continue reading

Support Down Syndrome Children?

smilingDear Friends For Life:   Once diagnosed with Down Syndrome, the unborn child faces almost certain death by abortion. In short, they are terminated. Medical doctors, hospitals, and parents have declare an all-out war on these innocent children. Latest statistics show that over 90% of children diagnosed prenatally with Down syndrome are killed. Continue reading

Invisible People: Abortion is murder. It is not a human right.

Dear Friends,  Abortion is murder. It is not a human right. A pregnancy for an unmarried woman, especially as a result of rape or incest, is a mother-babyvery difficult thing, but with enough love, care and effort it can be turned into a beautiful thing, no matter what the circumstances. Abortion can never be turned into a good thing. The pro-life movement says, “Why not love them both?”, but a strong force tries to drown out the voice of reason. Continue reading

A Little Thing Called the Pill

Dear Friends For Life:     This week I would like to refer you to an article written by Judie Brown, contraceptive-pill-150(2)President of American Life League, and a comment on the article by Dr. Dianne N. Irving. The article “A Little Thing Called the Pill” points to a troubling trend which is spreading throughout the world “not all women are equally enamored by the idea of bearing and raising children, and some are downright disgusted with the idea”. Continue reading

Invisible Class: Aborted Fetuses as Fuel

Dear Friends For Life:   We all have seen shocking news this past week. The Health Ministry in British Columbia admitted that the remains of babies destroyed by abortion ended up in a waste-to-power facility in the United States, providing electricity for residents of Oregon. x003That’s right. BC was sending their aborted and miscarried babies, along with the rest of their medical waste to a smelly dump factory where they were burned to generate electricity. Continue reading

“Invisible Generation” – unborn children

Dear Friends For Life:   Too often, mainstream media and politicians throughout the world set policies and spin the agenda when it comes to pregnant women and abortion-related issues. I wonder sometimes if reporters are aware of their crimes against humanity. Since the Supreme Court made abortion legal in 1973, there have been an estimated 56,662,169 legal abortions in the USA. Mathamatically, the numbers are absolutely chilling:

Continue reading