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War Against Children: Body Parts – “Worst Nightmare For the Unborn” (Part 5)

(This article is part of an ongoing series showing different adult obsessions in waging “War Against Children” by Fr. Jerry.)

Life is Beautiful. Life is precious and sacred.

Good people believe in the sanctity of the human person with rights and dignity to be protected and preserved. Yet there are those who disagree. They declare open War Against the Unborn. But there is no “good” war. In the end, millions die and many are left crippled. Why then fight the war in the first place? The reason is that this war against the unborn is very profitable. Selling/Buying aborted body parts is a billion-dollar (multi-billion?) industry. Scott Carney in his new book, “The Red Market”, figures that he is worth about $250,000 if his body was broken down and sold as individual parts on what he calls the “red market.” The world was even more shocked when it learned that the University of Pittsburgh was harvesting organs of unborn babies “while their hearts were still beating”.

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