War Against Children: Introduction – “Crimes Against Humanity” (Part 1)

Why this adult obsession today in killing the preborn and/or permanently scarring the lives of the born? – a series by Fr. Jerry Novotny, OMI

Throughout the world, children, be they preborn or born, are facing unspeakable attacks by adults everyday. These attacks can be classified as “crimes against humanity”. Why? Because they kill or leave children permanently scarred for life. Children are in danger more today than at any time in the last 20 years. Instead of receiving care and protection from parents and guardians, they are introduced into a dangerous world,a world in which their life-journey begins by facing a terrifying first hurtle – death by abortion. They are looked upon as a commercial commodity by a waiting, hungry world-market. Major corporations like medical research centers, major universities, government labs and even cosmetic companies are waiting to buy preborn baby body parts. Selling/Buying aborted body parts is a billion-dollar (multi-billion?) industry. Scott Carney in his new book, The Red Market, figures he is worth about $250,000 if his body was broken down into individual parts and sold on what he calls the “red market.”

Preborn Body Parts for sale – 16 weeks

If the preborn child is lucky and survives this first obstacle, a second one is waiting. This is often referred to as “adoption fraud” or “illegal adoption”. It is defined when a person or institute attempts to either “illegally adopt” a child or “illegally give up” a child for adoption. As in many humanly related evils, making money is a basic driving force. Accurate current statistics are difficult to obtain. However, according to an older government statistic, “603 adoptions were recorded by Greece’s courts in 2005, an increase of 20 percent over the previous year. But fewer than 60 of these adoptions were carried out through state channels”, meaning that in some regions of the world up to 90% of adoptions have the potential of being illegal.

In follow-up articles, I will try to present an overall picture of the “War Against Children” facing us today. My primary purpose is present “a wakeup call” to the adult world. Why this obsession with killing and exploiting the lives of children? Are adults really aware of the dangers they are creating by forcing children into commodities for personal and self-gratification. Japan, abortion paradise, is facing the future with one-third of the population over the age of sixty. Some predict that in fifty years, the Japanese you see today will no longer exist.

The series begins with this article entitled* War Against Children: Introduction – “Crimes Against Humanity” (Part 1). The following are various faces of the same war which children encounter.

War Against Children: Part 2. Abortion
War Against Children: Part 3. Hunger
War Against Children: Part 4. Pornography
War Against Children: Part 5. Body Parts
War Against Children: Part 6. Adoption Laundering

War Against Children: Part 7. Forced Begging
War Against Children: Part 8. Climate Change
War Against Children: Part 9. Soldiers (coming soon)
War Against Children: Part 10. Domestic Slavery (coming soon)
War Against Children: Part 11. Labor Trafficking (coming soon)
War Against Children: Part 12. Prostitution (coming soon)
War Against Children: Part 13. Surrogacy (coming soon)
War Against Children: Part 14. Drug Smugglers. (coming soon)
War Against Children: Part 15. Silence (coming soon)

Only two roads exist in life for us to choose from: man’s way and God’s way. Does God’s hand exist in any of the above articles? Absolutely not! God is missing –> 100%. Our future as human beings depends on putting God back into society and create a world based on His leadership. If not, this war against millions of children will gradually develop into an average, acceptable way of doing things. To destroy our beginning is to destroy our future. Is this so difficult to understand? In the New Testament, Jesus teaches us the importance of “creating a world’ which guarantees survival, protection and hope for all children, from the very beginning of their existence. This is the time for us to seriously contemplate the meaning of life. WE must choose the right road now. God is necessary to make this decision. Why? There is only one Truth. There is no other place to go. Man’s way can only lead to destruction and unspeakable horrors as seen above.

How can we learn God’s Way? The answer is really very simple. Read and study the Bible. Learn who Jesus is, what He wants from you. Among His many saints, Saint Lawrence of Brindisi is a good example. He was a Capuchin in the Franciscan Order from 1575 to 1619. He states that “The Word of the Lord is a light for the mind and a fire for the will, so that many may know and love God… It is a weapon against a heart stubbornly entrenched in vice. It is a sword against the flesh, the world, and the devil, to destroy every sin.”

His words instantly caught my eye and led me to look more deeply into this current issue. I asked myself three questions. First: Is the Catholic Church an active “living sign” in the world today? Second: Are our Shepherds actively protecting their sheep, including the children, preborn and born? Third: Am I a “living witness” of truth to those around me? The more I contemplated these three questions, the more new questions appeared, with few clear-cut answers.

In Scripture, Jesus speaks to me individually. He tells me of His love for me, and that He has chosen me to do a special task for Him in this world. In order to accomplish this task, He tells me to pick up my cross and follow Him, to go out and bear fruit. “Do not be afraid”, He says to me, because “I am The Way, The Truth and The Life”. Powerful words. “I Am” is the very name of God. (Exodus 3:14). “The Way, The Truth and The Life” – using the definite article “The” Jesus emphasizes Himself as being the ONLY One. (John 14:6).

Once the disciples understood and believed these words of Jesus, they became different people. His Words became a source of strength for them. They eventually realized what it meant to be made in the image of God, what He wanted from them. In turn, I must also ask myself: Am I living as if I were made in the likeness of God? Do I witness to a life-giving likeness of God? This “likeness of God”, what does it mean for me, what does it do for me? Let us pay close attention to Jesus’ words and reflect together on what they mean for us as a Church and for each of us as Christians.

When I think about being “His image and likeness”, I look at the world today which is caught up in a selfish-kind of a self-gratifying culture. A culture of death to be exact. We no longer value life. We do not value God. We have thrown God out and replaced Him with other gods. Our world is hurting because we have lost our identity. What is our identity? There is only one real identity for a Christian, for any good person. To be happy. We were made in the image of God, to be like Him in all things, to be happy. Evil leads to sadness. God brings joy and happiness.

In our time on earth, as short as it is, it’s time to commit ourselves and make some changes. One way is by diving into Sacred Scripture on a daily basis and learn what it means to be a child of God. Don’t be afraid to underline and write notes in your Bible. His Words are alive. They speak to you. They show you how to make correct choices and stay on the right path in life.

It seems a little frightening right now to see what going on in the church, around us and in the world in general. What should we do?

Jesus tells us clearly what we should do in the Gospel of Mark, chapter 4. Search for what God is saying to us: [[All the apostles are in the boat and the Lord is asleep in the stern. They are starting to fear for their lives because the waters are getting violent and raging. They wake up Jesus and say “Lord do you not care that we are perishing?” He turns to them, after rebuking and calming the winds, and says, why are you afraid? Have you no faith?]] We can believe in Christ because His Truth, His Teachings are objective, not subjective. Thus –>Why are you afraid?

The point is that we are all afraid of something, but our Lord is in the boat with us, asleep in the stern and asking us to trust Him. What is your response? Will you trust or will you fear? Will you fight for children or be part of the silent majority? Jesus is asking, “Why are you afraid? Have you no faith?”

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