Fighting For the Culture Of Life

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow?

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we are reminded that God is with us on our individual life journeys and that we too are called to accompany others on theirs.

During the Advent season leading up to Christmas, we are invited to contemplate a young pregnant woman with her husband who left their home and faced a journey of difficulty and uncertainty.

The Holy Family was a family of MIGRANTS. Jesus was born in a stable outside Bethlehem, on the “wrong side of the tracks”, as they say nowadays. There was no welcome for his pregnant mother and her husband. The doors and hearts of the day were closed to them.

Jesus was born in the poorest and humblest of settings and not long after his birth, he became a REFUGEE. Fearing for their lives, his parents fled with him to Egypt.

The baby Jesus, in his smallness and vulnerability, is calling us to look at children born in camps, on borders, on the margins of societies with new and bold eyes. Dare we open our doors? Dare we open our eyes and hearts to these children and their families?

Through the infant Jesus, God is reaching out to us and calling us forward on our own personal journey. He asks only one question of us: how much do you love me?

(Author Unknown)