Human Destructive Legal System

images-1(2)Dear Friends for Life:  What happens when we raise the level of our legal system above God? A Belfast High Court ruled recently that abortion should be made available in the north of Ireland to babies with a severe disability or conceived through rape. This type of thinking is spreading to all corners of our planet. The legal system is ruling that it has the RIGHT TO KILL an innocent life created by God.

Under what authority can a court decide which baby should enjoy life and which should not? Not too long ago, the womb was the safest place in the world for an unborn  child. Today it is the most dangerous place. We must ask ourselves: “Does the court have any legal jurisdiction to enter this sacred area of a mother and kill innocent life.” The primary function of the court till recently has always been to treat every human life with respect and protection as in the case of Kathleen Rose.

images-3New laws, based on Nazi laws, focus on creating a pure race, allowing only those healthy, wanted, and deemed worthy to exist. Seemingly there is no outside court supervision, no guidelines. Every judge is free to decide, the main reason for so much confusion. Gradually removing God from society, this enterprise of law makers is replacing God with the “Culture of Death”. A prime example is the President of the United States holding hands with Planned Parenthood and being their number one supporter. As revealed recently in a series of released videos, Planned Parenthood is not only an abortion industry which terminates the lives of millions of babies, but also involved in cutting up the dead bodies and selling them for money.

As educated people, we all share in the responsibility for allowing this horrible evil to flourish to the extent that it has penetrated our reasoning, principles and values? Even after the recent video revelations, Planned Parenthood still continues to operate under our eyes. Why?

Unknown(2)Unwanted babies conceived through rape also fall into this evil category of extermination. The court views the woman as a victimbut ignores the humanity of the baby conceived in rape. This unborn baby is only referred to as a “rapist’s” child, not as an innocent victim. Why punish the child for the crime of another person. Man (criminal) rapes Woman (victim) results in Child (victim).Court decision: Terminate Child (victim). Where is the logic? Where is justice? St. Thomas Aquinas defines law: “Nothing else than an ordinance of reason for the common good.” Is killing a “rapist’s” child”, “disabled child” or “unwanted child” reasonable? The courts seem to think so.

Shortly Christmas will be here. In the Old Testament, God appointed strong prophets to lead his people. In the New Testament, He sent us His Only Son. Through Baptism He calls us to exercise the vocation of priest, prophet and king. Priest: be God’s presence and pray for world. Prophet: proclaim God’s Word. King: offer leadership in the world. If we continue to reject God, what is left?


God Bless
Jerry Novotny, OMI

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(The Difference is LIFE)   “As we can see in Sacred Scripture, God does not limit himself merely to affirming his love, but makes it visible and tangible. Love, after all, can never be just an abstraction. By its very nature, it indicates something concrete: intentions, attitudes, and behaviours that are shown in daily living.” – Misericordiae Vultus, no. 9.



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