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Is Nuclear Power the Solution

Dear Friends for Life:     David Gutierrez in NaturalNews asks, “Chernobyl Has Killed One Million People; Will Fukushima Kill Five Million?” In Fukushima, March 2011, a major earthquake and tsunami caused meltdowns at three separate reactors, the cores of which continue to disperse so much “radiation” that one would die instantly if entering the area. Is there a quick-fix solution to this radiation problem? Definitely not. The radiation problem will continue on its present course of destruction for many years into the future.

In spite of Thyroid Cancer Rates In Japanese Children Living Near Fukushima Catastrophe Skyrocketed By 6,000% and 127 people with thyroid cancer;

In spite of Thousands of tons of radioactively contaminated water pouring directly into the ocean; and an Epidemic of sea mammal deaths exploding as Fukushima radiation contaminates one-third of the earth;

In spite of thousands of Japanese still living in temporary houses and fear of returning home because of the contamination to farms, towns, crops and mountainous countryside; (search Google)

In spite of an Active volcano, just 50 kilometres away;

In spite of these real life-threatening factors, the Japanese government has restarted its nuclear reactor program in Sendai for first time since Fukushima disaster, despite widespread public opposition. The Sendai nuclear reactor is located on the southern-most main island of Kyushu. A second reactor in the Sendai plant is expected to be activated in the coming months, and 20 more reactors are in the process of inspection and reactivation.

A comment on the Mining Awareness Blog: “Reassurances of safety from the Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NRA) are increasingly exposed as nothing more than the empty words of the same complacent and discredited approach to nuclear power regulation that led to the 2011 Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear catastrophe.”

It continues with a scary example: the Sendai reactors – located in a coastal seismic zone – are also surrounded by volcanoes. This includes the active Mount Sakurajima, 40km from the reactors, and the large Aira caldera or “super volcano”. On 2nd November, scientists from the Volcanological Society of Japan called for the nuclear regulator to review its volcano guidelines. The Society stated that the NRA’s approval for nuclear plant restart is based on the ‘questionable’ belief that it will be possible to predict a major eruption of volcanoes near nuclear reactors.

To ease tensions, the government has promised “to take full responsibility” in the event of an accident. BUT once the accident occurs, what can the government possibly do? Look at Fukushima four years later. What does it mean to take responsibility after the fact?? Lots of empty words at the expense of the lives of ordinary citizens. PREVENTION before the fact is the only solution.

There is a widespread Japanese public opposition, nearly 60%. A nation’s Democracy is based on the voice of its people!” Throughout the world we see a continuous trend of “ignoring the voice of its people” expanding within the walls of Democracy. Do we really have a future based on true Democracy? Or are we gradually turning into a world ruled by dictators and having them call it democracy?


God Bless
Jerry Novotny, OMI

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