Yeah, wait a minute! These are Children!

child02 copyDear Friends for Life:   What’s wrong with the Syrian Government? Killing their own citizens, including children? Where is the outrage of the international Christian community? The Syrian Air Force allegedly dropped chlorine gas bombs on children in a residential neighborhood. Their bodies gasped for air on hospital stretchers as medics held back tears, and watched as they suffocated to death.

Thus reads the newsletter, a global network working to ensure that the views and values of the world’s people shape global decision-making.

One humanitarian worker states ‘I wish the world could see what I have seen with my eyes. It breaks your heart forever.’ This is not the first time Assad has used chemical weapons on his own people. But this attack comes just days after the UN Security Council passed a resolution condemning the use of chlorine gas in Syria. A chemical-weapons attack in August 2013, allegedly carried out by the Assad regime, killed an estimated 1,400 people in the eastern suburbs of Damascus.

assad copyDropping chlorine gas bombs is far worse and painful than dropping barrel bombs which so far have killed over 210,000, driven 50% of the population from their homes, destroyed 36% of hospitals and 4,000 schools. Barrel bombs are cheaply made, locally produced, and typically constructed from large oil drums, gas cylinders, and water tanks, filled with high explosives and scrap metal to enhance fragmentation, and then dropped from helicopters. A chlorine bomb is a small explosive device which uses the pressure of chemically produced chlorine gas or other chlorine-containing gases such as hydrogen chloride to produce an explosion. It is made with an airtight container part-filled with different types of chlorine tablet and other reagents. (wikipedia)

Last November Amnesty International documented air strikes that killed up to 115 civilians, including 14 children. Recently, in a two-week time frame, Syrian Air Force dropped over 401 barrel bombs on rebel areas which included non-rebel areas or on the so-called “COLLATERAL DAMAGE” areas.

Activist Yassin Abu Raed told AFP, “Death is all around us, and nobody cares. Barrel bombs kill those we love most, they destroy houses, dreams and memories, and leave us without any hope that the killing will ever stop. All this, and no one has even heard of us, no one feels for us.”

child01The deliberate targeting of civilians is a “war crime”. It is time for the international Christians community to be heard. Time for a worldwide condemnation. The Syrian government and its Syrian Air Force must be stopped and held accountable for “crimes against humanity”.

Here are a few actual videos published by opposition activists on Mar 16, 2015. Videos posted online showed medics in gas masks dousing victims with water and children lying immobile on hospital beds with foam around their mouths. This is reality today.

For more, go to Human Rights Watch and read the following detailed article on “Syria: Barrage of Barrel Bombs”

Your voices and participation are not reaching the Syrian victims suffering from chlorine gas bombs and barrel bombs. The numbers continues to increase with each day.


God Bless
Jerry Novotny, OMI


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(The Difference is LIFE) “It is true that the delay in creating public pressure for euthanasia has been due to the fact that it was one of the war crimes cited at Neurenberg. So, for The Guiness Book of World Records, you can submit this: that it takes about thirty years in our humane society to transform a war crime into an act of compassion.” – Malcolm Muggeridge



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