Sickening and Barbaric

FinderScreenSnapz034Dear Friends for Life:   This past week I received an email from a very upset missionary working in Africa. He had received some very, very graphic photos showing ISIS brutality in action. These photos get worse as you progress through them. They show the ISIS’ treatment of Christians and other “Infidels” in Iraq and Syria. This includes Muslims who do not belong to their ‘sect. (Most of these photos can be found on searching “ISIS pictures” through Google.) Believe me, these pictures are not for the faint-hearted.

For example articles with photos: click Catholic Online or click Mail Online

Here are the exact words of the missionary who had received 55 horrific photos from a Franciscan missionary. “A quick glance horrified me sufficiently. I was going to delete them straight away, but then I thought that if this savage behaviour is going to be stopped, it needs to be known. This is sick. Why is there no worldwide outcry and condemnation…So far I’ve only imagined such things in reports as exaggerations. Who is callous enough to just stand by and take these pictures! Have the presidents of the world been shown these. If so why is there so little reaction. Talk of crimes against humanity. How can mainstream media close their eyes to this?”

On Oct.14, 2014, a related article appeared on entitled “Vicar of Baghdad: ISIS is beheading Christians, but nobody believes it (interview)”. The author interviewed Reverend Canon Andrew White, also known as the “Vicar of Baghdad.” His Anglican church is located in Iraq.

He was asked whether the stories of atrocity are exaggerated by the media. His reply: “It’s just been terrible. They have been amputating people’s heads and putting them on railings. They have chopped children in half. You know, I write some of these things on my blog and nobody believes it,” he said in frustration, “They say you must be making this up, that there’s no evidence of this, this isn’t in this paper or that paper. Here we are living with it and people can’t accept it. There is no other Western person here in central Iraq. Not one. I’m the only one and they can’t believe it.”

His words and the chilling tales of others have been hitting home, and the world is beginning to realize that a new genocide is unfolding in the chunks of territory carved up by ISIS. Yet there has been little done by the world, the governments, and United Nations in general; consequently, as the pictures show, the ISIS continues to advance, to escalate their crimes against humanity, and to attract membership from other countries including the US and the UK.

How much longer can we relax in our comfort zones and watch these horrors being committed daily by ISIS? Could our silence be encouraging and fueling this situation? Is it not time to stand up and take an active role by speaking out, contacting mass media and politicians, joining active groups who need our participation and voice. Without our response, the mass murders and sufferings of innocent people will continue. Another holocaust has begun. The big question: how long will we  (world citizens)  wait to respond.

ISIS pictures without articles on Google:

God Bless
Jerry Novotny, OMI


(The Difference is LIFE)  “To love means loving the unlovable. To forgive means pardoning the unpardonable. Faith means believing the unbelievable. Hope means hoping when everything seems hopeless.”  – Gilbert K. Chesterton


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