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Abolishing the death penalty

va_electric_chair(Dear Friends for Life):   Pope Francis has called on us to expand our fight for the “Culture of Life” by abolishing the death penalty as well as life imprisonment, and he attacked a “penal populism” that promises to solve society’s problems by punishment instead of pursuing social justice.

“All Christians and men of good faith are therefore called upon today to fight, not only for the abolition of the death penalty – whether legal or illegal and in all its forms – but also to improve prison conditions, out of respect for the human dignity of persons deprived of their liberty.” Francis went on say that sentencing individuals to life in prison wasn’t any better, calling such penalties “a hidden death penalty.” Continue reading

Sickening and Barbaric

FinderScreenSnapz034Dear Friends for Life:   This past week I received an email from a very upset missionary working in Africa. He had received some very, very graphic photos showing ISIS brutality in action. These photos get worse as you progress through them. They show the ISIS’ treatment of Christians and other “Infidels” in Iraq and Syria. This includes Muslims who do not belong to their ‘sect. (Most of these photos can be found on searching “ISIS pictures” through Google.) Believe me, these pictures are not for the faint-hearted. Continue reading

The Thorn that Devalues Humanity

prochoice002prochoiceDear Friends for Life:   Why is there such an obsession by governments and institutions to oppress and victimize mothers, fathers, and children through forced abortion, use of contraceptives and involuntary sterilization? What fuels this evil creation labeled: “The abortion industry.” The answer falls into two primary areas: (1) scare tactics: women loosing their freedom to choose, (2) money: suppressing morality. Continue reading

Abandonment of the elderly

images-4(5)Dear Friends for Life:   Recently, thousands of senior citizens came to Rome for a special get-together with Pope Francis. They listened as the Pope shared reflections on the importance, the struggles, and the beauty of old age. He said, “Old age, in particular, is a time of grace.” Continue reading