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Dear Friends for Life

Human-trafficking-modern-slaveryHumanTrafSJust read an article about sex trafficking happening in our backyard in Free Malaysia Today News. 56% of trafficking cases occur in Asia and 161 countries are guilty of being involved in this illicit activity. Sex trafficking – one type of human trafficking – introduces a form of modern day slavery which exploits mostly women and children, but also includes men and boys.

Last month I received a note from Dr. Dianne Irving, Ph.D. commenting on the various types of human trafficking in babies, forced surrogacy, sex trade, illegal human research, sex, etc.

human-trafficking1helpmeQuote: “Not too difficult to imagine the varieties of unethical and dangerous (and deadly) activities that take place in “human trafficking” (e.g., drug trafficking, prostitution, pedophiles, forced homosexual prostitution, kidnapping, trafficking in illegal aliens, organ and tissue trafficking, trafficking in human embryos/sperm/”eggs” (as pointed out recently by UNESCO), forced/coerced surrogacy (as pointed out recently in the Dutch report) and then trafficking those “surrogate babies”, illegal experiments using human subjects (including human embryos, fetuses, babies, children and adults) including the use of genetic engineering, synthetic biology, nanotechnology, etc; illegal adoptions, illegal surrogacy, etc. — often with the aid of professionals in the different fields and politicians. And there are probably many that we can’t even imagine.”

While the above topics appear daily on TV and daily news media, many people still remain unaware and uneducated about the horrors of trafficking. Others continue to live in denial and ignore the fact that many lives are being destroyed by the mere unwillingness to acknowledge that this problem even exists.

Therefore, it is important that we, as a society, stop disregarding the severity of issues relating to human trafficking. Creating awareness regarding this matter is a crucial step in combating the ills of trafficking.

william-wilberforceJust to be aware, Dr. Irving suggests going to Google News and search the above topics or type “HUMAN TRAFFICKING” and (here insert one of the topics in Dr. Irving’s quote):

*  “HUMAN TRAFFICKING” and “__________”


(The Difference is LIFE)

sadface“When you are treated as less than important, you are still a human. When you are treated as less than worthy, you are still a human. When you are treated less than your title, you are still a human. But when you are treated less than the very thing you are born to be, you perish.”
D’Andre Lampkin



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