War Is Irrational

war(1)Dear Friends for Life:   “War is irrational; its only plan is to bring destruction: it seeks to grow by destroying,” Pope Francis states. “Greed, intolerance, the lust for power. These motives underlie the decision to go to war… Even today perhaps one can speak of a third war, one fought piecemeal, with crimes, massacres and destruction and these plotters of terrorism, these schemers of conflicts, just like arms dealers, have engraved in their hearts, ‘What does it matter to me?’

fleeing01(2)260,000 Eastern Ukrainians join the ranks of displaced people. Intense fighting includes the use of heavy weaponry in densely populated areas causing the loss of civilian life, with an average of 36 people killed every day and causes a lack of basic necessities, such as water, food and other basic necessities like electicity shortages.

Sadly we see the unnecessary suffering and killing of fleeing refugees – innocent civilians. Men, women, children, grandparents becoming human targets for armed forces.

The United Nations has expressed dismay at the killing of innocent refugees. “Deliberate targeting of civilians is a violation of international humanitarian law, and more must be done to protect them,” said High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay. “There is an urgent need to end the fighting and violence in the eastern regions, before more civilians are harmed or forced to flee.”

destruction(2)Since the violence in Ukraine started, the UN has documented serious Human Rights abuses which include abductions involving physical and psychological torture and ill-treatment of the detainees, with many subjected to forced labour. There have also been reports of human rights violations, such as arbitrary detention, enforced disappearances and physical torture.

Checkpoint and camp for refugees from Ukraine in Rostov RegionAnd what is happening to our most vulnerable, such as institutionalized children, older people and people with disabilities? The UN report states that the evacuation of many to other parts of Ukraine has been blocked by armed groups.

With winter quickly approaching, there is an urgent need to end the fighting and violence. Russia has within its power to bring peace and stablity to the area. We ask Russia to take the initiative, return Ukrainian territory, and produce a long-term peaceful agreement to co-exist peacefully with Ukraine. Russians killing Russians makes no sense to a Russian, no matter where he or she may live. Leaving armed forces roam out-of-control is a crime against humanity and the Russian leadership must answer to its people.

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God Bless
Jerry Novotny, OMI



mary01(The Difference is LIFE)

O Mary Bright Dawn of the New World” – O Mary bright dawn of the new world, Mother of the living, to you do we entrust the cause of life: Look down, O Mother, upon the vast numbers of babies not allowed to be born, of the poor whose lives are made difficult, of men and women who are victims of brutal violence, of the elderly and the sick killed by indifference or out of misguided mercy. Grant that all who believe in your Son may proclaim the Gospel of life with honesty and love to the people of our time. Obtain for them the grace to accept that Gospel as a gift ever new, the joy of celebrating it with gratitude throughout their lives and the courage to bear witness to it resolutely, in order to build, together with all people of good will, the civilization of truth and love, to the praise and glory of God, the Creator and lover of life.



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