“Comfort Zones” Creating A Lost Generation

Dear Friends,  A tremendous crisis hangs over the world today and continues to expand. Does the majority out there really care? Or has humanity reached a stage in which those living in “comfort zones” no longer care about those suffering in “non-comfort zones”.

As of this writing, we are surrounded worldwide by 51.1 million refugees who have been forcibly displaced. Some remain in their own country, a large portion go to boarding countries while the rest seek refugee-status in developed countries. Safety for their families is their primary determination in fighting for survival.

More than 145,000 Syrian refugee families in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq are headed by women on the run. Forced to take sole responsibility for their families after their men were killed, captured, or otherwise separated, wives with children are caught in a spiral of hardship, isolation and anxiety.

With the recent escalation of violence in Iraq, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis are fleeing their homes and are in desperate need of loving care. Many arrived at shelters with little more than the clothes they were wearing. They have no money, and nowhere to go. Temporary camps are set up. Tents, food, water, toilets, medicine, and other basic necessities which we take for granted in the safety of our “comfort zones” are in constant demand.

In another part of the world, food crisis hits 800,000 African refugees living in Chad, Central Aftican Republic and South Sudan. Due to the conflict in those areas, the problems threaten to worsen levels of malnutrition among children of whom many are already suffering from anaemia.

What is difficult to comprehend is the developing trend among rich nations who turn their backs and refuse entry for refugees. A search on the Internet produces a string of articles detailing how this is done. The current situation appears in England, the United States, and other UN developed countries. Many of them do give monetary assistance, but do not want to get personally involved. They have built a huge barrier. The refugees stay on one side and we stay on the other side. We will give you money, but not let you in.

Yes, a lost generation of people. Are refugees so different from us that we have to build Berlin walls to keep them away? They are today’s suffering people who need a chance to regain control of their life. They have a right to share in our “comfort zone.” The majority of refugees are children and women, around 80% according to the UN. Not only are these 51.1 million people deprived of their basic human rights, but the children lack any future without education, hence the term “lost generation”.

One step in the right direction would be to relate to the worldwide refugee crisis as our problem, not somebody else’s.

God Bless
Jerry Novotny, OMI


The Difference is LIFE  “So often the world sits idly by, watching ethnic conflicts flare up, as if these were mere entertainment rather than human beings whose lives are being destroyed. Shouldn’t the existence of even one single refugee be a cause for alarm throughout the world?”
— Urkhan Alakbarov


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