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Wake-up call for Pakistan

Long-live-Pakistan copy(1)Wake-up call for Pakistan: Respect and love your children, your young people, your future. The suffering and horror stories of young boys and girls coming out of the country recently reveal a society daily mistreating and physically crippling its most innocent and vulnerable members. Continue reading

Invisible Class: “Donor-Conceived” People

Dear Friends For Life:  The difficulties facing “donor-conceived” people, not to mention the “donor” mothers and fathers are very real. It has been building up over the years and is gradually making inroads which affect our lives. Continue reading

“Enough is Enough”


gaza-dec-30-2011-10childDear Friends for Life: “Enough is Enough”. Israel has raised the stakes in the Palestinian conflict with its brutal bombings of Gaza which has killed more than 200 people, mostly women and children, and injured thousands more. The death toll is now spiralling as Israel follows the aerial attacks with a land invasion – sending in 8,000 soldiers. Continue reading

“Comfort Zones” Creating A Lost Generation

Dear Friends,  A tremendous crisis hangs over the world today and continues to expand. Does the majority out there really care? Or has humanity reached a stage in which those living in “comfort zones” no longer care about those suffering in “non-comfort zones”. Continue reading

Japan Abandons Peace Constitution

Dear Friends, On July 1, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe informed the country of his Cabinet decision to reinterpret Article Nine of Japan’s Peace Constitution. The official changes will take place in fall when the Parliament comes together. The Peace Constitution has never been touched since 1947 and consequently, the Japanese are recognized throughout the world as “War-Renouncing People”. Article Nine has been a sign of Hope to the world, a sign that Constitutional Peace is possible among major countries. Continue reading