Moral Issues Statistics Influence Asia and World

images-7Dear Friends,  Representing the people, politicians in the USA support which – the Culture of Life or the Culture of Death? You decide. On May 30, a Gallup survey released the following statistics on moral issues.

1. Embryonic Stem Cell research is morally acceptableimages-2Democrats 74%, Republicans 50%, Independents 67%

2. Medical testing on animals is morally acceptable – Democrats 50%, Republicans 69%, Independents 56%

3. Buying and wearing clothing made of animal fur – Democrats 49%, Republicans 71%, Independents 59

4. Abortion to be morally acceptable – Democrats 59%, Republicans 28%, Independents 41%

5. Death Penalty is morally acceptable – Democrats 52%, Republicans 73%, Independents 62%

6. Support for doctor-assisted suicide – Democrats 63%, Republicans 40%, Independents 54%

The Gallup Survey shows that Democrats value animals more than human life. They also value the life of convicted serial murderers more than the life of innocent unborn babies. The trend shows signs of decreasing support for the Culture of Life on moral issues. Premarital sex, embryonic stem cell research, euthanasia images-4are growing in acceptance. Where do you stand on the above six issues? Place a “Yes” or “No” after each of the above. Then ask yourself how would God vote?

Gallup polls U.S. public on moral issues from birth control to adultery

New Record Highs in Moral Acceptability

Looking at these results, your voice is essential for these Life Issues to head in the right direction. Remember: SILENCE allows the decline to continue and gives supports to the Culture of Death. In Japan, we know the government’s position. I wonder how the Japanese would respond……

God Bless
Jerry Novotny, OMI



images-8The Difference is LIFE“By choosing to allow each of our marital acts to be open to life, which in the normal course of things means having children, we will also be witnesses to life against the culture of death.” – Devin Aldrich





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