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A Population Shrinks: Age of Extinction?

ten Dear Friends, Why is it so difficult for people to understand that ten minus one equals nine?  Or if you have ten apples and destroy one, there are only nine left? Every country in the world struggles with this simple population equation, take Japan for example, where the decline is sharpest in the working-age population. Continue reading

Invisible Trend: Must we always prolong life?

Dear Friends,   Must we always prolong life?  The answer simply put is NO. There may come a time when a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order is appropriate. There may be a time when disconnecting a respirator declining surgery, or discontinuing treatment is medically appropriate thing to do. Continue reading

Invisible Trend: Circumstances Dictate the Quality of Life

Dear Friends,  When it comes to the Culture of Death, the legal field will stop at nothing. Laws are 05being written that treat life as disposable, eg. the unborn, the terminally ill, the elderly. For them, circumstances dictate the quality of life, those who are and are not worthy of life and loving care. Continue reading

Moral Issues Statistics Influence Asia and World

images-7Dear Friends,  Representing the people, politicians in the USA support which – the Culture of Life or the Culture of Death? You decide. On May 30, a Gallup survey released the following statistics on moral issues. Continue reading

Invisible People: “Child Porn” on the Internet

tiedhandsDear Friends,  This week I’d like to bring your attention to “Child Porn” on the Internet. The expanding market brings out deranged and perverts in our society. Surprisingly, Facebook is a participant which openly displays thousands of sexually explicit images and videos of children on its social network. Can one imagine the horrible sufferings of this current invisible generation? Add the factor that these images cannot be removed from the Internet once they are posted. An innocent child is labeled for life and will never be able to escape the shame. Continue reading