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Invisible People: Abortion is murder. It is not a human right.

Dear Friends,  Abortion is murder. It is not a human right. A pregnancy for an unmarried woman, especially as a result of rape or incest, is a mother-babyvery difficult thing, but with enough love, care and effort it can be turned into a beautiful thing, no matter what the circumstances. Abortion can never be turned into a good thing. The pro-life movement says, “Why not love them both?”, but a strong force tries to drown out the voice of reason. Continue reading

Invisible People: Japan’s Disappearing “Children’s Day”

imagesDear Friends For Life:   Last Monday, May 5th, Japan celebrated Children’s Day. This ancient holiday dates back to around 600 A.D. It is a day set aside to respect children and to celebrate their happiness. One can see Koinobori, or carp kites, flying across the entire country. It is truely a day to be happy. But things are not as bright as they seem to appear. Continue reading

A Little Thing Called the Pill

Dear Friends For Life:     This week I would like to refer you to an article written by Judie Brown, contraceptive-pill-150(2)President of American Life League, and a comment on the article by Dr. Dianne N. Irving. The article “A Little Thing Called the Pill” points to a troubling trend which is spreading throughout the world “not all women are equally enamored by the idea of bearing and raising children, and some are downright disgusted with the idea”. Continue reading