A Time-Bomb waiting to explode

Dear Friends For Life:    The global arms trade is destroying Asia. Did you know that South Asia is the home to the world’s biggest arms imports?

India is the world’s “number one” buyer of arms. The second and third largest arms importers are China and Pakistan. Over the past five years, the volume of Indian imports of major weapons rose by 111 per cent, while Pakistan imports increased by 119 per cent. With the poverty facing these countries, their usage of money constitutes a crime against humanity. Asia’s military spending is by far the biggest arms-importing region in the world.

This fact should definitely be a sign of concern to ProLifers. Why? The sign is a Time-Bomb waiting to explode. As suppliers fill their pockets with money, the access to nuclear weapons, long range missiles and arms has only one purpose – to kill the ENEMY. The definition of the word “enemy”, which varies from one nation to another, is worrisome. North Korea is a prime example.

Global arms exports to undeveloped Asian nations centers around money, greed and exploitation –> never for peace. The world’s military spending stands around 1.73 trillion dollars. The following statistics are given by SIPRI: “Topping the list is Washington, with 640 billion dollars. The US is followed by China (188 billion), Russia (87.8 billion), Saudi Arabia (67 billion). The Asian dominance is interrupted by France (61.2 billion), the UK (57.9 billion) and Germany (48.8 billion). Then comes Japan (48.6 billion) and India (47.4 billion). The remaining six include South Korea (10th place, 33.9 billion dollars), Turkey (14th, 19.1 billion) and the United Arab Emirates (15th, 19 billion).”

As Pro Life people, we can no longer claim ignorance or show indifference. Even Pope Francis has spoken publicly on this issue many times. A month ago, the Pope harshly condemned war. Most of his words were addressed to arms traffickers that make a profit with wars that KILL both children and families.

Pope Francis urges us to refuse seeing weapons traffickers as something normal. “I would like you to pray for peace, for that peace that now seems just a word and nothing more. Let’s pray so that this word has the power to act. Let’s us follow the advice of St. James: ‘Recognize your misery!‘”

God Bless
Jerry Novotny, OMI



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