“Invisible Generation” – unborn children

Dear Friends For Life:   Too often, mainstream media and politicians throughout the world set policies and spin the agenda when it comes to pregnant women and abortion-related issues. I wonder sometimes if reporters are aware of their crimes against humanity. Since the Supreme Court made abortion legal in 1973, there have been an estimated 56,662,169 legal abortions in the USA. Mathamatically, the numbers are absolutely chilling:

1.382 million abortions every year
115,167 abortions every month
26,577 abortions every week
3,786 abortions every day
157 abortions every hour
2.6 abortions every minute

These numbers break my heart. Each abortion is more than just a number — it’s a tiny baby whose life was snuffed out and a mother injured in the process. Each abortion is a father who will ever experience the joy of holding his baby, watching his son play on the high school baseball team or watching his daughter graduate from college.

Recent polls show that the majority of people believe that abortion is morally wrong, but do not know how wrong these terms are: “terminates a pregnancy,” removes “tissue,” or suctions out “collections of cells.”

Is it not time for God’s people to stop being defensive and challenge the media and politicians with pro-life evidence which is backed by solid research. Is it not time to turn the tables and challenge abortion advocates to defend realities that defy inaccurate but widely believed media rhetoric and spin.

SS: “Thy Kingdom come, thy Will be done on earth”. Only God’s people can bring His Kingdom on earth.

God Bless,
Jerry Novotny, OMI


P.S. Check this abortion clock which shows very clearly unborn babies do not have any RIGHTS regardless of what the UN or abortion groups claim: http://www.numberofabortions.com/



LifeIssues.net Website (in English)

Japan-lifeissues.net Website (in Japanese)


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