The Invisible Generation: Victims of Fukushima

Dear Friends For Life:   The Fukushima nuclear accident continues to worsen. After three years, record levels of radioactivity are being detected at the Fukushima nuclear plant. People no longer trust the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) because of their cover ups and inability to do anything. Last year, TEPCO was caught covering up record levels of radioactive strontium-90 present in groundwater near the plant. In addition, both cesium-134 and radioactive cesium-137 were also detected at dangerously high levels. Tests show these levels to have doubled in the past six months, showing that the situation at Fukushima is only continuing to worsen rather than improve.

japan-nuclear-reactor-crisis-18998115Since TEPCO is dishonest and incapable of solving the cleanup problem, many experts are asking for the company to step down before it destroys our planet. Uncontrollable amounts of radiation released into the air is an accident waiting to happen.

Estimates predict the clean up could last as long as 50 years or longer. With the worry and uncertainty surrounding Fukushima, what are TECPO’s plans? Believe it or not, approved by the government last month, TECPO hopes to re-start its biggest nuclear station, Kashiwazaki Kariwa, this summer.

Am I afraid? In Kochi Prefecture, we have been preparing for a large earthquake which hits every 400 years, causing a large tsunami. On the other side of the island a nuclear plant, like Fukushima, is located on the coastline. A tsunami will produce the same results. Do we need more nuclear plants? Absolutely not!

How do the Japanese feel about nuclear power as an energy source? Read “Ex-mayor of nation’s nuclear birthplace comes out swinging against atomic power”

From the ground level, we see decisions by the government and TECPO causing various forms of discrimination, rights violations and leading to severe health problems such as leukemia and cancer. The Japanese people on the ground level are invisible in many ways.

God Bless
Jerry Novotny, OMI


Links: Website (in English) Website (in Japanese)


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  1. Nice post. Agree with the point of view!


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